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Slugifying Filenames

Quickly make filenames in a folder lowercase and remove whitespaces

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Discover the internet of islands and sail through the online ocean.

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asdf Version Manager & Postgres UUID

Compiling Postgres with UUID to use in asdf

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Lombok Impressions

Our trip to the Indonesian island Lombok in October 2015

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Deploying Phoenix app with dokku-alt and Dockerfile

My experiences in deploying a Elixir Phoenix app on my dokku-alt instance.

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Moved to netcup and dokku-alt

How i moved this page to run on netcups vhosts with dokku-alt Docker instances

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Capybara Sessions

How you can simulate multiple parallel users with capybara.

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Find your way in the Rails optimization jungle

Wan't to optimize your Ruby on Rails application and don't know where to start? This should give you some hints to help you out

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Optimize your Active Record queries

In this post I give some simple tips on how to use pluck, preload and include to optimize your Active Record queries.

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Finally online

My struggle with this blog and what it will be about

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