Moved to netcup and dokku-alt

by Andreas Knöpfle about 3 years ago
How i moved this page to run on netcups vhosts with dokku-alt Docker instances

Recently i played around with dokku-alt, a Heroku like Docker management tool for your own server and wanted to install it on my v-host at strato.

Unfortunatly Strato uses Virtuozzo for Virtualization which does not allow to run docker. So i switched to netcup by the advice of this blog. In comparison to strato, netcup offers really good deals and as it runs on KVM, virtualization with Docker is not a problem.

Dokku-alt is easy to install, and worked out of the box (with some small configuration things and a switch to unicorn) with the rails app that drives this blog.

After the installation with their bash script i just pushed the app to the server with:

git remote add dokku dokku@HOSTNAME:smallbutton

As my app runs with mongo i needed a mongo instace, which is really easy with dokku-alt:

dokku mongodb:create smallbutton
dokku mongodb:link smallbutton smallbutton # my app is also named smallbutton

After that i changed my config/mongoid.yml:

      uri: <%= ENV['MONGODB_URL'] %>


To get the old data from my mongo instance i exported my collections with mongoexport and reimported them with dokku:

dokku mongodb:import smallbutton smallbutton posts < posts.json

To get the images for mounted in a volume first created one and linked it with the app:

dokku volume:create smallbutton /app/public/uploads
dokku volume:link smallbutton smallbutton

As i wanted to add some of the old data to this volume i just found out how to find the volume on the host machine:

# find out the id of the running docker container 
docker ps

# inspect the docker to find the attached volume
docker inspect ID_OF_CONTAINER

# you will see something like:
 "Volumes": {
        "/app/public/uploads": "/var/lib/docker/vfs/dir/...."

# for me it worked to copy the files into that volume dir as root


Im amazed by this and i will definitly follow up with new things on dokku-alt.



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