Finally online

by Andreas Knöpfle over 3 years ago
My struggle with this blog and what it will be about

Welcome my future readers!

I've been struggling with this Blog for quite a while now. I had a Wordpress blog back when I was doing my bachelor but it was terrible and I decided: 

"Hey I'm a developer. I should get my own blog running" 

After two years of experimenting with things and throwing stuff away after (you can see this in the github timeline) I finally realized I have to make it quick and simple or I will probably never write any content in here. So I put somthing very reduced of what I initially planned on here (but I even think most of the stuff I initially planned can be filed under YAGNI).

So here it is; Hope you like it. 

While I worked at fairmondo I came across some things that might be of intrest to you (if you are a Rails developer too). I also will be writing about web apps in general and maybe also a little about myself. I'm planning on having some topics about:

  • Rails Performance: Tuning ActiveRecord Queries
  • Make complex forms in Rails with form objectsXKCD
  • Chewy and Elasticsearch
  • Pundit and what I think makes a gem good
  • A proper SASS/CSS Naming convention with controller based CSS
  • Wiselinks and AJAX

I also want wo continuously make the reading experience better with a few things here:

  • Comments (probably through disqus or something)
  • RSS Feed
  • Automatically Post updates on twitter





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