by Andreas Knöpfle over 1 year ago
Discover the internet of islands and sail through the online ocean.

For quite a while now (like 3 years or so) I had this project idea in the back of my head of a platform that can visualize 'hot' topics in the internet in a way that you can explore and discover them. 

The internet is an abstract place, full of information which is changing all the time and big online platforms and social media sites have found their ways to deal with this massive information amount. Social media sites for example try to customize the contents as well as they can with algorithms and big data and deliver the contents that you think are most fitting for you. Other sites like reddit or news portal offer topic based access or are specialized to some type of information.

This project will aim for a new, fun way of discovering whats going on in the petabytes full off data. The idea is to vizualize the internet as an ocean full of islands that contain the 'hottest' or otherwise most relevant articles and contents of major internet portals. You can then take your ship and sail around in this internet of islands and discover the contents in a way explorers do: Never be sure what you will find, but always know you will find something nice.

Set sails and visit!

To achive this goal, will query top-list data from twitter, reddit and lateron other sites like youtube, wikipedia, everything you can think of  and group them together by keywords and topics. With this data groups we create islands that are displayed in the ocean, that you can then visit by sailing with your boat and drop your anchor to discover what you can find on those islands.

The project is open-sourced on github. I will happily accept contributions like code, sprites, ideas, anything. Just open up a PR or an issue.

As this is just a private project I do with friends I'll start with a very slim minimum version, where one can only access random tweets from twitter. This will just be the first post, to explain where this is going and also give some project background.

Frameworks / Tools

Theese are my general decisions on tools and frameworks to use. Some of them are already integrated into the project, some are yet to come.


Fronend / JS

Frontend / CSS

I'll hope to follow  up on this asap and explain a bit more of the general concept.


Slugifying Filenames

Quickly make filenames in a folder lowercase and remove whitespaces

asdf Version Manager & Postgres UUID

Compiling Postgres with UUID to use in asdf

Lombok Impressions

Our trip to the Indonesian island Lombok in October 2015

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My experiences in deploying a Elixir Phoenix app on my dokku-alt instance.

Moved to netcup and dokku-alt

How i moved this page to run on netcups vhosts with dokku-alt Docker instances